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Thoughtful Community Engagement

Thoughtful community engagement happens when communities are approached with a sense of respect, partnership, and opportunity. We help you create a space for engaging citizens in a way that promotes openness and consensus building, while providing a level of customer service and responsiveness that will blow citizens away. The end result is a level of service that most municipalities would love to provide, but usually just don’t have the resources to. Our clients love this service because they get to provide a new level of customer service while building credibility for the government and establishing a foundation for future communication with citizens.

On high-impact capital improvement projects, we assist municipalities by providing proactive communication to all stakeholders. FCC also creates resources for citizens, businesses, and other organizations to get problems resolved quickly. We do this by establishing project hotlines,  providing citizens with Public Information Officers who visit upon request, provide documentation, and do all of the leg-work required to get issues resolved in a timely manner. Some of our community engagement strategies are:

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Public Involvement Plans
  • Council and Elected Official Briefings
  • Key Message Points/Speaking Points
  • Public Meeting Promotion and Facilitation
  • Construction Start-up Notifications
  • Small Business Development
  • Youth Education Programs
  • Media Plans, Kits & Training
  • Social Media
  • Community Events
  • Project Themes, Paraphernalia, and Logo Design
  • Stakeholder Interviews and Database Development
  • Focus Groups and Charrettes
  • Citizen Advisory Groups
  • Educational Materials & Presentations
  • Websites & E-communications
  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Community Partnerships
  • Mass Mailings/Mass Voice Messaging
  • Public Service Announcements (radio and video)
  • Video Production

Over the course of each project, we conduct interim consultations to ensure continued satisfaction with the plan implementation, and to make certain that Full Circle’s rigorous quality control standards are consistently applied. An evaluation is performed at the conclusion of every program to ensure that:

1. The client’s requests were met.
2. The established goals were achieved.
3. The effort was successful, documenting both quantitative and qualitative data.
4. The client had an amazing and memorable experience.