Quick Tips for Organizing Community Cleanups

Corporate social responsibility has become a must do for organizations today! To demonstrate its social standing, an organization must aim is to achieve a positive impact on the environment and society. One way of affecting this change is to organize community cleanups that allows residents and businesses to participate in these efforts. When you create the right strategies and use the right vehicles to connect a diverse group of stakeholders, will ultimately result in a successful community cleanup.

Here are quick tips to consider when planning the community cleanup event:

Community Cleanup

Pre-cleanup preparations

  • Choose a project coordinator
    Find someone who is both responsible and passionate about the project. They should be able to motivate everyone to participate in the event. It would be of added benefit if the coordinator was familiar with the community.
  • Plan, plan plan
    Creating a plan and checklists is an absolute necessity for the success of your event. Write everything down and stick to your checklist.
  • Community communications
    Create a space that promotes engagement and opens up lines of communications with stakeholders who have a better understanding of what will benefit the community.
  • Donations
    A great way of also getting equipment needed for the cleanup is by simply asking. There are many people who have extra tools and supplies that they do not need and are happy to help. Ask people to donate tools and equipment for the cleanup.
  • Fundraise for heavy equipment
    Because heavy equipment can be expensive, start a fundraiser as an effective way to raise money for the community. Also, it is an excellent way of bringing attention of the clean-up to the community and others. Looking for inexpensive rentals and construction teams to assist is an efficient way of getting the job done in no time.
  • Publicize the Event
    Let the people know. Advertising the event to incentivize high school or college students to earn volunteer hours. Take advantage of avenues such as social media to promote the event.

Day of community cleanup

  • Adequate supplies
    There can never be enough supplies even as simple ones such as trash bags or gloves. Too often we run short on the simplest things due to improper planning. For this reason, checklists ensure there are adequate supplies for the entire event.
  • Plan for emergencies
    Though it may seem as a no-brainer, check the weather for favorable outside working conditions. Set up a first aid and safety tent where people can go for minor emergencies that may arise.
  • Hydrate your volunteers
    Ensure the well-being of your volunteers by providing refreshments, will result in maximum effort output for the day.


  • Reward volunteers
    Volunteers are just that, volunteers. They are passionate and want to help in a way that is beneficial their communities, but providing snacks, drinks and treats is a great way to say thank you.
  • Throw a post event party
    Above all, say thank you! Once the hard work is complete have a community get together, whether it be hot dogs in the park or snow cones and games, will build a stronger sense of community and encourage any future projects.