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Our Services

Full Circle addresses the need for experienced, innovative community & public relations experts. We specialize in creating communications plans on projects that significantly impact citizens and other stakeholders, particularly in the areas of transportation improvements, solid waste master plans, state and local capital improvement projects, water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades, and new development.

With over 10 years of experience, Full Circle has a proven record of effectively connecting our clients with the public. We are very proud of our unique and extensive experience in the areas of:

  • Water/wastewater infrastructure & consent decree mandated work
  • Environmental justice
  • Solid waste
  • Transportation
  • Municipal services administration


Our Services Include:

  • Thoughtful Community Engagement

    Thoughtful community engagement is when communities are approached with a sense of respect, partnership, and opportunity. We help you create a space for engaging citizens in away that promotes openness and consensus building, while providing a level of customer service [Read More…]

  • Innovative PR & Marketing

    What’s your brand? What impression do you want the public to have of your firm or product? A feeling of security, adventure, family, or success? Full Circle provides both small- and large-scale PR and Marketing initiatives. We can help you [Read More…]

  • Impeccable Events with Purpose

    Full Circle can create an event experience that is unique, memorable, and represents a level of elegance and creativity that reflects your brand, personality, and vision. Full Circle plans and fully executes all aspects of innovative promotional events. We accurately [Read More…]

  • Comprehensive Professional Development Training

    This is not your grandma’s training! Or boring sessions where you’re watching the clock the whole time. We deliver interesting and fun sessions, while ensuring that the information being conveyed is technically sounds, clear, and valuable, and enriches the lives [Read More…]

  • Transformational Workshops & Personal Development

    What’s holding you back from the life you were meant to live? Full Circle can create a workshop for your group that will help you, as a team, destroy elements in your life and career that are holding you back [Read More…]

  • Motivational Public/Keynote Speakers

    What is the purpose of a keynote speaker? To reignite the passion in your industry? To connect your group through common core values? To make us laugh and bring a little levity to our event? Or to call us to [Read More…]