Are You a Business Operator or a Business Owner? 

Do you know the difference? I never realized there was a difference until 3 weeks ago, when I attended Business Mastery, a business conference hosted by Tony Robbins. This conference blew my mind. I learned about 2.7 million new ideas and distinctions during the 5 days of this event. One of these ideas included this question: Are you a business “operator” or a business “owner”?

If your business can not run without you, you are a business operator. If you hear yourself saying “this business is my baby; it’s a part of me,” you’re a business operator. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sentiment. I consider it a noble position. However, as an operator there is a freedom you may be looking for that you may never be able to achieve.

When you are a business owner, your busstartup-594090_640iness does not depend on you to operate. You view your business as an entity you have influence over,  you enjoy the ability to help succeed, but it is not you. You understand you and your business are separate entities.

A common drawback to being a business operator is falling in love the product or services, instead of falling in love with clients. Do you love your clients enough to research the trends and challenges in their industries, adjusting your offerings to address those needs? Do you love them enough to create something new and different for them? If you did, just imagine how much they’d love you back! Continuous innovation of services and products is what keeps your business competitive. This means changing your “baby,” all the time.

Since attending Business Mastery I have worked everyday to transition from being a business “operator” to a business owner.  I realize I am not my business and my business is not me. We are both amazing, vital, constantly changing entities.

If you want to expand, grow and stay competitive in your business, you’ve got to let go. Delegate, innovate, and take a leap. I know it’s scary, but doing puts you closer to becoming a business owner.

-Heather Fatzinger, Founder, Full Circle Communications