Creating Events With Purpose: If You’re Going to Spend It, Spend It for Good!

audience-945449_640If you have the budget to host an event, why not utilize that event to do good? Create a newsworthy event that not only enhances your client’s reputation, but also adds value.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Authenticity. If your event is inauthentic – positioned to only garner attention and media coverage – it will be evident to your audience and could do more damage than good. Instead, create an event that matters to your client and the audience. Select a cause or initiative that aligns with your client’s brand and will create a meaningful connection with attendees. 

Logical.  Identify an event focus that is a logical fit for your client and their brand. For example, many of Full Circle Communications’ clients are engineering firms. Some of the “purpose-filled” events and initiatives we’ve hosted include encouraging young women to become interested in STEM, science, technology, engineering and math. Maybe your client is a grocery store. A logical fit would be to host an event to encourage healthy eating. The goal is to create a situation that causes an emotional response that delights your clients and guests. 

Venue & Vendors. Host your event in unique venues. What about a breakfast at a botanical garden? Select a location that is important to the community and would benefit from your client’s patronage. Utilize local businesses and identify ways to acknowledge and promote their businesses during your event.

Call to Action.  Always have a call to action at the close of your event. What do you want your guests to do as a result of what they have experienced? Determine what that call to action is, make it clear and ensure your attendees have an opportunity to take immediate action. An example of this could be signing up to volunteer or making a charitable donation. There are many creative ways to encourage your guests to take action.

Before you plan your next client event ask yourself,  “how can I make this a win-win-win for everyone,” “how can I help?” With a little creativity in your event hosting process, and budget, you can encourage good and make a difference.