Holidays can be a tense time for some people, bringing about stress, pressure, and unpleasant memories. For some employees, the workplace is the only family they know. How can you as an employer keep them engaged throughout the holiday season and into the beginning of next year? Consider these five ways to boost employee morale.


  1. Holiday Party

    Hosting an office party to appreciate your employees is sure to put smiles all around the office. For a change of scenery, cater an out of office event. Offer employees incentives to dress up, and encourage them to bring their families to brighten their outlook about the holidays.

  2. Incentives

    There is nothing better than offering rewards to get employees energized to meet goals. Large ticket items such as spa packages, gift certificates, or even gift baskets will be sure to get a dose of healthy competition going.

  3. Bonuses

    If the company is having a great year in business, it is directly in relation to the hard work your employees and staff are putting in. Giving bonuses is perhaps one of the most motivating things you can do as an employer because it shows your employees that you care about them and you value their hard work in making the company great. This is another strategy to encourage them to set even higher goals to achieve.

  4. Holiday packages 

    Find out if there are any employees in your organization who may be having a hard time providing a good holiday meal or dinner for their families. Why not rally your entire organization to do something about it? Having employees donate food items or having the company give away turkeys for families in need can be a big boost in morale and shift the company culture to caring for the needs of those they work with.

  5. Office wellness

    Decorate the office, have employees participate in baking goods and sharing in the office. Bring in experts who can help with holiday stress. Have fitness classes like Yoga, Zumba or even therapy, including financial advisors to help deal with holiday shopping stress.

A combination of the above tips will not only keep the employees’ morale up, but it will also get them geared up for the new year, new goals, and new resolutions! Give it a try and brighten up the holidays for your employees.