Time management and productivity go hand in hand and is the driving force for professional growth.


What happens when procrastination; the delaying or postponing something, steps in? Here are 5 tips to elevate your professional skills from mediocre to exceptional.

Eliminate procrastination, sharpen time management skills, increase productivity.

  • Don’t Be a Jack of All Trades

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking does not increase your productivity. Complete one task at a time, then tackle the next item on your list. Do what you can within the allocated time and be content with your accomplishments.

  • Be Thorough

Take a detailed approach to completing your tasks. Do your work with excellence the first time. Doing so will decrease errors and the likelihood of repeating the task.

  • Prioritize

Examine all your tasks and list them in the order of importance; then tackle important things first. As you tackle each task, check them off your list, not only to encourage your progress but also manage your remaining time.

  • Take Notes

This is a crucial element in time management. When you write down your to-do’s, you create an actionable list. This eliminates the probability of forgetting tasks and it reduces stress.

  • Breath

Though it may seem cliché, stop regularly within your work hours, and take a breath. Incorporate wellness ideas into your day. Take a quick walk to stretch your legs, meditate, sit in silence for a few minutes, and practice your breathing. These activities will not only calm you but will also reset your inner clock and clear your mind, preparing you to tackle what is left on your list.

Fine tuning your time management skills can have an overwhelming impact on your productivity. Once you master it, your balance of work and life should improve, allowing you to effectively channel your energy into other activities.